About Us

Just a nana,mom and a daughter having fun together......that really is our story.  But here's a little background :). 

In January 2015 Michelle (Mom) decided it was time for a life change.  So she left her office job and decided to open a boutique in a portion of the balcony of her mom's (Nana) antique store & bakery in Caddo Valley, Arkansas.  In April 2015 she opened Violet Fields Boutique.  The vision going in was to offer cute boutique clothing at a price that was affordable and to always have something new to offer her customers.  Things took off fairly quickly and by the end of the year Michelle was operating Violet Fields which now occupied the entire balcony of the store while Nana operated the downstairs antique store and bakery.

In March 2016, Morgan (daughter) announced she and her husband were expecting a little bundle of joy!  At that announcement, Nana decided she was ready to retire and babysit her first great grandbaby.  So what's a mom to do with a downstairs business without someone to operate it?  Convince her daughter to give up teaching to come work with her, of course :)!  So onboard came Morgan in July 2016!  She totally revamped downstairs and went from antiques to an absolutely fantastic gift store and bakery.  Nana is still the baker for the bakery but her favorite role is now babysitter for baby Piper!!!

As 2017 starts, we are so VERY excited to offer Violet Fields Boutique Online.  The concept for VFBO is the same as VFB: cute boutique clothing at an affordable price and ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW!

We're a little old fashioned in that we believe the customer is the boss and if not for the customer there isn't a job for us.  We hope you enjoy shopping VFBO and if you are ever near Caddo Valley, AR you will stop by and see us in person.

Michelle Thornton & Morgan Morrison